BDB Leisure Sdn. Bhd. (“BDB Leisure”) focuses on managing various facilities for entertainment, sports activities, and indoor and outdoor recreation. 

Darulaman Park and Darulaman Sanctuary, covering 84 acres and 226 acres of rainforest, respectively, are regarded as hidden gems of Kedah and the island of Langkawi. 

BDB Leisure oversees these two crucial developments in order to preserve nature, protect the environment, and promote better health and wellness for residents, visitors and tourists alike. The Group’s management approach involves thoughtful preservation to support ecological protection and restoration, thus achieving a balance between economic development and  environmental objectives. 

The Darulaman Park includes the Darulaman Trails, with infrastructure for various sports and recreational activities. It is popular among residents in the Kubang Pasu district.

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BDB Darulaman Golf Resort Berhad

BDB DARULAMAN GOLF RESORT BERHAD (BDGRB) has a sprawling international standard 18-hole golf course that spans on 190 acres of land. The green has been attracting golfers from all over the country since it first opened its doors in 1993. 

It was upgraded in June 2013, and it has been attracting golfers from all over the country since then. Its popularity has grown as a result of a number of professional tournaments, including the BDB Masters, one of the most anticipated amateur tournaments in the north. 

Known as the “Pride of the North,” BDGRB is one of the golf resorts that provide a full range of resort amenities. Swimming pools, golf pro-shop, a gymnasium, conference facilities, F&B outlets (Classic Café) and chalets are just a few of the amenities available. 

Guests can enjoy the relaxing landscape or participate in outdoor activities such as golfing, canoeing, boating, walking, and cycling at our sisters company in Darulaman Park or Darulaman Trails. BDGRB welcomes you with a smile.

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